Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Brazilian blowout and keratin smoothing treatment. So what’s the difference? So just to be clear these products are not straightening products they are smoothing products. Many are under the impression that these products leave your hair straight after shampooing and that is not the case. What they both do is a great job of reducing frizz and making it infinitely easier for you to get your hair smoother or straight if you so desire. So they are both terrific services that we’ve had great success with. Keep in mind there are varying opinions depending on who you talk to and there’s no one size fits all solution to smoothing  products.

So it’s our experience that according to our clients the main difference between the two services is that the keratin procedure requires you to not shampoo your hair for at least three days. To some of our clients it’s a huge turn off. To some it’s no problem at all. Also because the keratin involves being adhered to the hair at 450 degrees with a smoothing iron, the finished product for the three days is poker straight. After you shampoo your hair it doesn’t have to remain as such but that’s how it is for the three days that you’re in limbo. The Brazilian blowout procedure allows you to shampoo your hair the next day. Also because the procedure is different the Brazilian blowout is more flexible with your finished styling result after the service. Your finished product does not have to be poker straight.

So one of the main questions we get is how long does the service last. Well, it all depends. Instead of measuring the duration in time it’s much more accurate to measure it in terms of how often your hair gets shampooed.  So I like to exaggerate when making a point… So if you shampoo your hair twice a day your service is not going to last as long as it would if you shampoo your hair once a week. So rule of thumb we tell our clients that depending on your hair type, it’s reasonable to get 20 to 25 shampoos from the service. So if you shampoo your hair once a week can you get six months out of the service? Possibly… again depends on your hair type.

Most of our clients that get the service  have very coarse thick wavy hair and the upkeep is labor-intensive, therefore they shampoo their hair as infrequently as possible. I’d say twice a week on average. Also it goes without saying that using the proper products certainly helps to enhance the longevity of the service. No clarifying shampoo’s and hopefully little or no exposure to chlorine. There are many low sulfate products one can choose from.  Lastly some are under the impression that when you get these services you only have the option of wearing your hair straight and that is definitely not the case. Lots of our clients have very curly hair and like to wear it as such. By getting the service it eliminates much of the frizz, and leaves the hair softer, shinier, and with  a more uniform curl. So hope this helps. Any questions feel free to contact us.


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