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PG Contest Results

January 2024, The winner of the most positive story of the month for January!

The winner of the most PG story of the month for January 2024 is a long-standing client that prefers to remain anonymous and doesn’t participate in social media. His code name is BV. BV Is it very prominent businessman, well known to many, and whose network consists of others of the same ilk. So during his last appointment he asked me if two of the clients that were conversing upfront while they were leaving the shop knew each other. I said, not to my knowledge…turns out they did not, outside of their visit to the shop that day. He said to me that our shop is like the Wawa of hair studios. So I’m thinking what does that mean?…Our clients are most likely to get run over in the parking lot? Turns out that Wawa analytics showed that an inordinate amount of their customers hold the door for other customers, and they feel that gesture sets much of the tone for their customers experience at Wawa. Not totally sure how it relates to our salon but I thought it sounded pretty cool. Then he said, ” shows a positive attitude is contagious… Pass it on.” That sounded very cool. So we both agreed he doesn’t need the money so we are donating the proceeds of the free service to our favorite charity Tunnel 2 Towers on his behalf . Thanks much BV. We have awesome clients!! Rated PG.

December 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for December!

So the winner of the most positive story of the month club for the month of November 2023 is Megan’s 6 year old daughter May Kang. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Free service your way May!

Positivity and Gratitude December 2023

November 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for November!

So the winner for the most positive story of the month for November is a first time client who would like to remain anonymous and prefers not to partake in social media. What I can say is that this individual exhibits a very quiet and reserved inner strength, and has overcome many obstacles that have been put in their path. They requested that the contest proceeds be donated to a worthy charity so we agreed on Tunnel to Towers Foundation. We were so impressed with their quiet strength and selflessness, that we felt compelled to match the offer. If any of you are looking for a worthy charity to donate to, Tunnels to Towers has a 100% legitimate rating as nonprofits go, and 93% of the monies donated goes directly towards the wounded vets. We have awesome clients!

October 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for October!

So the winner of the most positive story for the month for September, and will be again in October, is the Phillies run toward another RED OCTOBER! We have awesome clients, and most of them are totally Phightins fans. Many think this 2023 version of the team embodies what it means to be a TEAM, as opposed to a collection of highly paid individuals. Selfless and resilient, tough and talented, this TEAM has forged quite a bond with its fan base, and the games are special to be at and make memories. Best of luck to the Phightins in the 2023 version of RED OCTOBER!

Even the moon is red in Red October!

September 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for September!

So the most positive story of the month for September is the Phillies run toward Red October. We think this is truly a TEAM and not just a collection of highly paid individuals. From the top down…selfless, resilient, tough, and really talented. Red October 2023 is here and the games are special place to be.

August 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for August!

So the winner of the most positive story of the month prize for August is Shae Wozniak. Shae is a very highly coveted field hockey player at Conestoga, whose athletic talent and academic achievements just earned her a verbal commitment to attend Duke University. Quite the accomplishment! In addition to her field hockey exploits Shae possesses wisdom well beyond her years and is an exceptionally good listener. Congrats to you Shae and a free service coming your way. Best of luck Shae!

July 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for July!

This is Juliet. She started a couple of years ago stopping by the shop because she saw Manny in the window and became a frequent visitor when walking home from Radnor Middle School across the street. Eventually, she started walking Manny once in a while. Recently, she sent us a text and said she would like to contribute more to our shop in any way possible including she would actually like to help us clean the salon. Yes that’s right you heard correctly, and no misprint, she actually volunteered to help clean the salon! Needless to say, we took her up on her offer and she now is a regular visitor and helping us out when her schedule permits and we are much better off for it. Free service coming your way Juliet!! … and thank you much.

June 2023, The winner of the most positive story of the month for June!

We definitely have awesome clients. This sign was made and donated to us by Karen and Andy Doble to support us in our ongoing PG campaign. As a total surprise, Karen just happened to bring this with her on her last appointment.

This beautiful sign is hand-carved out of a block of Oak wood. Apparently, it is Andy’s “Hobby’!” Quite the “Hobby”…and check out the amazing detail in the sign…. Wow…Thank you, Karen and Andy! We have awesome clients!!!

May 2023, So congratulations to our second winner of the most positive story of the month.

Much gratitude for Jean Doyle, the matriarch of three generations of the Doyle/Oneill/Beggy/Bjornson/Torkelson families. I am proud to say that many of the family have been my clients of Bleu Mousse Salon. Free service is coming your way Jean!

Jean graduated first in her class at St. Hubert’s in northeast Philadelphia, but never had the opportunity to attend college. Jean believed that a college education opened up mind and opportunities. Jean worked hard to ensure that her 5 children all earned college degrees.

Subsequently, all 16 of Jean’s grandchildren have attended or are currently in college. However, what Jean seems to value the greatest is the fact that all her children and grandchildren have close relationships. Her motto while raising her children is that, “Family are the best friends you will ever have.” Job well done Jean Doyle. Grateful for you as s client.

March 2023, Congratulations to Kim Allen-Stuck our first winner of the most positive story of the month contest! Kim works at Saint Joseph’s University and she shared this feel-good video that sparked the idea for this contest. Thanks so much, Kim!

A special mention to the Kinney center for autism, education, and support located at Saint Joseph’s University – Hawk Hill campus!

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Year 2023 marks bleu mousse’s 13th year of business in Wayne. We are so PG (Positive & Grateful) for our wonderful clients, from both past and new, and for our community the past 12 years, that we want to pass some of that PG back to you. Beginning March 15th we will be running a monthly contest for the best PG story that we hear standing behind the chair. That’s right, each month we will pick one story that best demonstrates a POSITIVE & GRATEFUL attitude, outcome, or action which will be posted on our bleu mousse sites, and the winner will receive a prize courtesy of bleu mousse. We want your good news. So, send us your PG news on Facebook, Instagram or at the shop located at 207 East Lancaster Ave. Wayne Pa. 19087

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Positive Quotes

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”

“The aim of life is appreciation; there is no sense in not appreciating things.

G. K. Chesterton


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